About Us

Jeffrey K. Allen, PhD

President and Founder, Tumorgen MDx

Jeff Allen has a strong technical background with R&D training as an Analytical Biochemist combined with over 20 years of biotechnology marketing experience. Throughout his career, Jeff has utilized both technical and business skill sets in identifying, creating and launching molecular based products that address significant clinical needs.

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Alexander G. Allen

Senior Research Scientist, TumorGen MDx

Alex is pursuing a doctorate degree in microbiology / virology at Drexel University College of Medicine where his research focus is on viral pathogenic genes. In addition to his research, Alex is also supporting development of our CSC3™ device, particularly on maintaining cell cluster viability.

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Austin E. Allen

Senior Engineering Scientist, TumorGen MDx

Austin is studying for a bachelor’s degree in industrial technology at San Jose State Univ. with an interest in microfluidic systems. His experience with AutoCAD® software was essential in the design of our CSC3™ device and he identified 3D Printing as our best method to manufacture microfluidic chips

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Scientific Advisory Board

Mihee M. Kim, PhD

A molecular and cellular biologist with research experience in studying transcription factors related to self-renewal within stem cells.
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Bart Wanders, PhD

Senior Executive within Research and Development for bioresearch/biotechnology detection systems
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Peter Teriete, PhD

A Research Scientist at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute with research experience in identifying biomarkers unique to tumorigenic cells.
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Yadwinder Deol, PhD

A Post-Doctoral Research Fellow within the Wicha Lab at the University of Michigan, working on breast cancer stem cell proteomics related to tumor initiation.
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Nicholas Cosford, PhD

A Professor and Associate Director of Translational Research at Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute with active research programs developing small-molecule cancer therapeutics.
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Business Development

Current corporation status

TumorGen MDx, is a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) filed in the state of California as of 31st of January, 2012 and is currently active in the area of biotechnology.

Seeking Supporters

TumorGen MDx is actively seeking financial support for the development and adoption of a platform capable of isolating and capturing cancer stem cells.


TumorGen MDx is a newly formed corporation which is currently seeking scientific collaborators. In the future we will be looking for experienced Molecular Biologists w/ CSC capture and single cell WGS experience.

Seeking collaborations

TumorGen MDx is open to research collaborations with the National Comprehensive Cancer Centers

Contact Us

Drop us a line at info@TumorGenMDx.com


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